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From data archiving solutions to virtual tape and disaster recovery, Crossroads Solutions power high-performing IT environments across industries such as media and entertainment, finance, government, logistics, non-profit and education. Read below a Crossroads success story and learn why customers across the world trust their data with Crossroads solutions.



Crossroads Provides Future-Proofed Protection for Mission-Critical Data at Bossier City

"It's all about the numbers," said Roy Proctor, a senior technician at the City of Bossier City IT department. Faced with time constraints and limited budget, Bossier needed to keep their IT center lean and efficient to meet the needs of the many city departments and citizens it serves. Crossroads delivered two unique solutions that worked with Bossier's existing infrastructure to improve overall network performance, reduce data protection costs, and simplify he preservation of irreplaceable data.


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San Diego County Uses StrongBox to Add Performance of Disk and Low Cost of Tape to Content Archive

With video content on the rise, it quickly became evident that the seemingly simple and inexpensive task of keeping a couple of terabytes on external hard drives was futile. Hard drives were easily lost and after the second or third drive failure, the San Diego County Communications Office knew it needed a safer, more scalable storage option. The San Diego County Communications Office needed the most cost-efficient and simple-to-use storage solution that provided both performance and data protection. With StrongBox, the SDCC Office found just that.


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MLB Network

Storytelling is a central facet of society that may have changed formats over the years but will never become obsolete. In today’s digital world, broadcasters and television networks focus on creating relatable stories to connect with their audiences, and they can’t do that without a wealth of readily available content. StrongBox helps MLB Network deliver America’s favorite pastime, all the time.


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CyArk uses high-tech time-of-flight, high definition (HD) cameras and 3-D laser technology to capture and digitally preserve the world’s cultural heritage sites. When the elements are out of our control, how can we ensure that future generations experience the man-made wonders of our past?




Headquartered in Austin, TX, ProductionFor is a boutique production and post-production company that handles every aspect of video production: from media acquisition to editing to custom animation graphics. According to The company’s IT needs, which involve themanagement of moving and copying large format digital files, are critical for success.


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