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StorPool is block-level storage (SDS) based on Dell Servers, converting them into virtual (SAN) storage arrays. It can also run besides compute workloads in a hyper-converged manner.


StorPool is developed to help service providers, enterprises and other public/private cloud builders to build efficient cloud and eliminates the need of expensive and inefficient stand-alone storage arrays.


StorPool’s distributed storage software is installed on a cluster of servers. It then aggregates the performance and capacity of all of the server’s local drives into a single shared pool of block storage, distributed among the servers. StorPool scales linearly in capacity and performance, meaning that by making a cluster 10 times bigger, would similarly increase the performance of the cluster by 10 times.

StorPool’s enterprise data storage solution enables so called “converged deployments”, i.e.using the same servers for both storage and compute, therefore making it possible to have a single standard “building block” for the datacenter and slashing costs. An extension to this concept is having a tight integration of the software layers running on this converged infrastructure – hypervisor, cloud management, etc – known as “hyper-convergence” or “hyper-converged” infrastructure