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PrimaryIO for Virtual Environments


Enterprises today rely on multiple hypervisors to run a wide variety of application workloads. A common challenge though is the sluggish performance for Tier 1 business critical applications, especially as virtual machine (VM) densities increase. For this reason, application administrators have been reluctant to run multiple Tier 1 application workloads on virtual machines.


The PrimaryIO solution overcomes the VM density challenge for multiple hypervisors including ESXi, KVM, XenServer and HyperV through application-intelligent performance acceleration. Unlike generic LUN caching solutions that rely solely on temporal reference to make caching decisions, the PrimaryIO APA for VMware solution overcomes this limitation through its ability to distinguish between different application I/O streams in order to intelligently intercept and write a copy of the critical components of the working data set, such as frequently accessed database tables or indexes that speed up queries. This ensures the highest level of performance for Tier 1 applications deployed on virtual machines, an important goal for the enterprise datacenter.


PrimaryIO APA for VMware


Accelerate Application Performance for vSphere Virtual Volumes

  • Increase transactions per second (TPS) by 18x
  • Seamless policy management for vCenter
  • Efficient and reliable utilization of flash 

Industry’s first application-aware solution

  • Intelligently identifies primary data in applications
  • Key tables, indexes in I/O streams are accelerated
  • Secondary data such as replicas are ignored

Virtualization admin can view in vCenter and can manage across the cluster. Application admin can meet SLAs by gaining control over how cache is utilized for virtual machines. Overcome the concern of running multiple tier 1 application workloads on virtual machines. Learn More.



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