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Server Memory

The memory ready to meet massively growing workloads.

Every single day your servers need to process even more data, threatening your business

with slow performance and higher operational costs.

Samsung DRAM is designed to deliver dashing speed and to boast high capacity

allowing more workloads to be completed while optimizing the total cost of ownership.


Tackle heavy workload demands with fast speed.

Samsung's advanced DRAM enables your data centers to handle increasing data traffic and multiple applications. Processing large workloads with outstanding speed, Samsung server DRAM also offeres fast recovery from unexpected failures.

Samsung DDR4 RDIMM with 2xnm process technology enables initial bandwidth up to 2,400 Mbps, and has the technology to achieve up to the JEDEC-defined 3,200 Mbps, double the speed of DDR3.


Achieving unprecedented capacity through TSV technology.

Samsung’s advanced process and package technology delivers greater capacity with fewer DRAMs in the server. Samsung DRAM is designed to reduce physical space requirements and related costs.

Samsung equips DDR4 with 8Gb chips doubling the density of DDR3’s 4Gb. Using the 8Gb chips, TSV RDIMM provides a maximum capacity of 128GB.

The high capacity RDIMM can also replace LRDIMM that was widely used for its high capacity despite its relatively slow speed.


Efficient power consumption delivers lower costs.

With its unique 2xnm and TSV technology, Samsung server DRAM consumes less power without compromising its performance. Low power consumption leads to less heat generation, and these benefits mean a large reduction in energy and cooling costs.

Samsung DDR4’s 2xnm technology and low operating voltage of 1.2V achieve approximately 26% higher energy efficiency than DDR3. In memory module as a result, Samsung TSV RDIMM reduces both power consumption and heat generation by around 28%


Your trusted partner for reliable server performance.

To meet the demands of data centers as they run more critical systems and process more traffic, Samsung DRAM provides high reliability and availability for a longer period of time without failure.

The DDR4’s enhanced RAS feature detects and notifies when data transfer errors occur. This means that Samsung DRAM delivers the superior data reliability and signal integrity necessary for mission-critical enterprise applications.

* RAS : Reliability, Availability and Serviceability
Samsung DDR4 SDRAM with TSV for Supercomputing
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