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Cloud-Scale, Distributed Architecture


Elastifile Cloud File SystemTM (ECFS) is a software-defined data infrastructure solution designed for seamless and efficient management of dynamic workloads across heterogeneous environments. Elastifile provides the architecture needed to optimize your hybrid cloud environment, by facilitating data access across cloud and on-premises boundaries - with all the advantages of public IAAS everywhere. A high-level architecture of ECFS is provided in the following diagram:



Designed For Scale
Go big or go home. Efficient scalability is essential to supporting large–on premises, cloud, and/or hybrid deployments. To achieve this, Elastifile was designed to avoid traditional storage bottlenecks and deliver seamless expansion to 1000s of nodes. Its fully distributed metadata model, supported by dynamic fine-grained data ownership and a high-performance consensus algorithm, delivers linearly scalable performance while maintaining strict consistency at scale.
Designed For Noisy, Heterogeneous Environments
Stuff happens. At scale, occasional unexpected issues are inevitable. Networks slow down and hardware fails. To make matters worse, many environments, particularly in the cloud, employ a broad mix of hardware, knowable only as abstract virtual servers. To cope with these noisy, heterogeneous, real-world environments, Elastifile makes real-time adjustments based on the availability and performance of the underlying infrastructure.
Designed For Flash
The era of flash is upon us. Dramatic improvements in affordability, raw performance, and accessibility have made flash the clear choice for enterprise primary storage. However, effectively capitalizing on flash’s potential requires a modern, purpose-built storage architecture. Elastifile was designed for flash from the ground up, with none of the traditional shortcuts and inefficiencies that hinder traditional storage solutions.
Designed For Self Service
Applications care about data, not storage. That realization is crucial to the design and delivery of effective, self service solutions. To manage data efficiently while delivering self-service, a file system the optimal solution. Files deliver the metadata context required to make intelligent, automated storage-level decisions, while also remaining accessible to both applications and end-users.