Enterprise Storage Specialists

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Servers, Storage and Networking


Powerful, affordable network engines emphasising scalability and reliability.



A wide range of solutions offering reliable back-up, protection and consolidation.



Scalable, high-performance networking solutions connecting end users to their information and applications.


Data Center Infrastructure

Businesses that need to consolidate IT hardware and optimize space with secure and manageable rack enclosures.


Shared Infrastructure

Dell PowerEdge VRTX. PowerEdge VRTX integrates servers,storage, networking and management in a compact shared infrastructure optimized for office environments.


Network & Data Security

Dell™ SonicWALL® security solutions enabl organizations of all sizes to secure their network,systems, users and data with a deep level of protection that won't compromise network performance.


Enterprise & Server Accessories

When you purchase Enterprise accessories from a trusted partner like Dell, you get more than just a simple solution. The chance to enhance the productivity in a fast and efficient manner


Enterprise Software

Industry leading software to manage all your IT infrastructure needs. Whether you need software for performance management, or Data protection - we have the software solution to match.


Client Systems Management

Organizations looking to save time and money and increase IT department efficiencies through a simplified, comprehensive approach to system deployment.